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Clear Rolling Papers (CELLULOSE)

Oct 2nd 2018

What they advertisement about Clear Rolling Papers:Looks like plastic - but it isn't! It's a combination of 100% natural paper - 80% cellulose, 14% glycerin, 6% water. The transparent papers adds abso … read more

What Does 650, 900, 1100 mah Mean?

Oct 2nd 2018

When people talk about the size of a battery in an electronic cigarette, they are usually referring to how powerful it is, and generally the more power it has, the larger it will physically be.When co … read more

Beginners Guide to Electronic Cigarettes

Oct 2nd 2018

The use of electronic cigarettes (known as e-smoking, or vaping,) is an alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes or hookah. Instead of being lit, an electronic cigarette vaporizes a solut … read more

Smoke Shop Terminology

Oct 2nd 2018

Here are some common terms that you may hear when you travel to a Smoke Shop! 10mm/14mm/18mm- the typical diameters of most joints for water pipes and accessories. The sizes of the accessories for th … read more