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Clear Glass Low Pro Diffused GG Downstem

These clear glass low pro diffused gg downstem will help you out when in need. This glass on glass will keep your smoke flavorful. No smoking pipe is complete without a reliable downstem. When you want this essential piece, don’t get shorted on quality.

Find the Right Piece for Your Device

Fits 14mm joint and accepts 14mm male joints.

Whether you are building a new smoking piece or just need a replacement part SCSS has you covered. We offer durable solutions for longer lasting pipes, rigs, and more. The downstems are just a versatile example you’ll find in our inventory. They can fit jointed water pipes, bowls, and more. To give you the best experience they are available in a variety of sizes:

  • 3 inch
  • 4 inch
  • 5 inch
  • 6 inch